Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Worry...what is it good for...absulutely nothing!

I was listening to Sharon Stone last night on CNN when she said something to the effect that "worry" was part of a mother's job. I've been thinking about the idea of worrying lately, because it comes up in sessions many times with clients. So, when I heard Sharon mention worry, it gave me another chance to explore the idea of worry on my blog. Here are some of thoughts on worry and you can give me yours if you wish. So, what is worry good for? Does it actually help the situation come to a happy ending? Does worry keep us, our loved ones safe? Does worry get the term paper finished on time and receiving a good grade? I would have to say no. I believe it is a lot easier to say "I'm worried," then, "I'm scared something bad might happen." Lets say a loved one is late getting home; we say we are worried. But, we are actually scared something terrible has happened. I guess what I'm trying to say is how does the worry help us in that situaion? I find it energy-draining. It doesn't bring the person home sooner. It doesn't improve our writing or test taking ability. Why not put the worry energy some place constructive? We could even pull out our journal when we are in a place of worry and write or draw or paint about what we are experiencing. Let the worry have a place to be heard instead of in our cells, our brain our immune system and our body. I recommend keeping a "worry journal." Or anxiety journal, or depressed journal. Maybe you already have a journal. Include pages in your journal to put these feelings when they come up instead of in your body. Get to know your worry. Ask it how it is helping you at this moment. Next time you feel worry take over your psyche, ask yourself if this is the only choice you have right now and see where this takes you. May you be peaceful in body, mind & spirit.