So glad you have taken the time to read my website. Here, you will find information about my work as a therapist and my creativity workshops along with tips and ideas for how important creativity is in our lives. 

Life Support For Women

 As women, we travel down many paths in our lives some twist and turn and others feel like we've hit a break wall. Whether it is anxiety that  Maybe it is anxiety you feeling stuck, depression or a lack of motivation, therapy can give you the boost you might need.  It's almost like to talking to a friend, but in therapy you get nonjudgemental and objective listening.  There are any number of reasons to seek the help of a therapist and it is OK to ask for support. What is most important is you do not have to live your life in emotional pain. You deserve to feel whole!  It's possible you are a victim of abuse, or struggle with feeling less than. The good news is you can get help, learn some basic life skills and discover healthy ways to relate to yourself and others along the way. You don't have to empty your pocketbook to be in therapy forever! 

As a licensed marriage and family therapist and art therapist,  I see my role as helping clients connect to their authentic selves, manage symptoms of depression, anxiety and supporting clients who live  chronic illness. I will teach you tools to manage life transitions and develop a stronger sense of self to live a more authentic life. If you wish, we can incorporate art techniques into your treatment to help access thoughts and feelings easier and quicker than words alone. If you are interested in learning more about art therapy, please click on the tab, art therapy above. 

Though I do use traditional talk therapy including cognitive behavior therapy to have a better understanding of how thoughts can affect feelings.

I incorporate art therapy techniques as well as I traditional "talk" therapy to help clients manage sabotaging thoughts and behaviors. This typically includes cognitive behavioral therapy, which means exploring how our thoughts affect our feelings. 

Creativity 4 Women Workshops:
2nd and 4th Saturday of the Month

January 12 & 26th

Write, Paint & Collage Your Story!
Share and express your story with words and images. 
Bring your journal and photos if you wish.

January 12th
Pay here

Supplies provided.
No art experience necessary!

What people are saying:
I can't thank Victoria enough for the space and support to heal with other women through art, and fun." Michelle E 

Thank You for the great class Saturday.  I really did enjoy it and left feeling like I really did learn something about myself and letting go and to try to just be a bit more accepting and relaxed about who and where I am.  So thank you!!

Thank you so much for what you have brought to my life. It is the first time in almost 3 years I have found anything or anyone that brings me so much peace and happiness inside (except for the ocean, of course).

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Why Have a Creative Practice?
The practice of  creative work becomes a mirror to our internal world helping us gain wisdom, peace, healing and solutions to problems.  Whether it is perfectionism, anxiety, depression, physical pain or other obstacles to feeling whole and more relaxed and accepting of yourself, art allows you space to feel safe and free to explore your authentic self. Many times, answers and wisdom come to us while we are calm and in a relaxed state...here is where the wisdom reside

  • Aids in Managing depression, anxiety, and stress
  • Improves motivation and focus
  • Provides time for you
  • Adds joy to your lif


Anger is just one of the primal emotions that if not understood or expressed constructively, can sabotage a person's relationships, career, academic life and one's ability to live an emotionally healthy life.  From a young age, we are given messages either consciously or unconsciously from those around us about our feelings and how or how not to express them. Anger, if not taken care of, is one emotion that can have us responding aggressively towards others or, kept inside of us causing health and emotional problems down the road. So, learning how to express anger constructively is vital to your well being. One way we can express anger is through art. Though, I will give you some tips on how to get to know your anger and steps you can take to calm yourself in the face of the anger beast.

First of all. What do you know about your anger? Do you have a tendency to lash out at others? Does your anger make you sad? Does your anger scare you and those around you? What were you taught about anger growing up? Were you allowed to be angry in your home? I don't mean throw or hit things or people, but were you given permission to say I'm really angry and I need help, or, were you told it's not OK to be angry? What do you do with your anger now? How do you take care of yourself when you feel angry? Let me give you some ideas on ways you can take care of your anger when it surfaces.
 Get to know your anger, i.e, don't push it down.  What you might want to do the next time you feel angry is:
1. Don't React!
2. Breath - Focus on your breathing.
3. Think before you speak.
4. Listen to other's opinions.
5. Walk away if you feel yourself getting ready to strike out at someone or something.
6. Go some place safe and hit a pillow.

In terms of art, I recommend you identify the color of your anger. How big is your anger? Does it take up the entire piece of paper or just a small area? What shape is your anger? If your anger were an animal, what would it be?  What are the triggers of your anger? How do you know when you are angry?

On a piece of paper, create an image of your anger. In other words, create a picture that represents your anger using, colored pencils, crayons, paint, collage or any medium you wish. What art material you use is not important. Give your anger a name. When you are finished with your art, you might want to dialogue with it. On another piece of paper, I'd like you to create a picture that represents what you know about your anger. The triggers, what helps you when you're angry?  Who can you talk to when you are angry? These are all important things to know about your anger and ways to take care of yourself when you do get angry. Also, identify in your body where you feel your anger and sooth that area as you breath and take some time out.


Psychology of Color

Have you ever noticed how color can shift your mood? Color is all around us. But what is color?  "Color is light and energy." (www.arttherapyblog.com.) I've purposely created this post with many colors for you to see your reaction to the various colors. An example of how color can affect our mood is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which causes some individuals to experience depression in the winter months, when darkness arrives. Or, have you experienced a shift in mood when you look at a rainbow? It is really amazing how color can affect our state of being and it is important to know what colors calm us, excite us, bring us down, etc.  For the exercise below, you can mix colors or use the colors as they are. 


So glad you have taken the time to read my website. Here, you will find information about my work as a therapist and my creativ...