Thursday, April 16, 2009

Where my Art is

Everywhere I look I see elements of artistic expression at play in my home. It's important that I be surrounded by creativity whether it is my balcony garden, the art I hang in my apartment, photographs, window treatments, masks or other visual adornments. As I started to bloom in my 40's, so did my apartment. It was flat and without color while I was working as an administrative assistant. As I tapped into my creative self and more important, as I allowed it to be released, my home came alive. I painted my wood dining room chairs, I added colorful borders around mirrors and I hung fuchsia drapes that created a South West flare. I see it as a part of me and who I am being expressed throughout my home. Some might see it as clutter, I see it as self-expression. I keep my clutter in check and when I feel I'm m0vying more towards stuff versus art; I go into clearing out mode.

So, how do you express yourself artfully? Creatively? Is it important to you? Do you hang photos or keep them tucked away in an album? If you are seeking ways to express yourself in your home, begin with your favorite photos in a frame you create or buy. If you have a chair that is crying out for color, begin there. Maybe it's time you reached for a pastel or a camera and allow your creative journey to begin.