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SoulCollage® Workshop

Saturday, December 14th 1-4: SoulCollage® Just in time for the Winter Solstice!
Collage your very own SoulCollage® cards. Easy, fun process using your intuition rather than your brain.
Feel free to bring your old magazines. SoulCollage® is am intuition-based art form to create beautiful and inspirational cards. More info at:

$40 or 2 for $50

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All workshops meet 2nd and 4th Saturday of the Month 1-4PM

When was the last time you picked up a piece of clay and let it roll in your fingers? Clay is calming and relaxing to work with.  We will use air dry clay to create goddess, and meditation dolls to be used to promote imagination and your own creative style. Embellish and adorn figurines with buttons, paint and more. No art experience needed.
Warm-up exercises, meditation and journal prompts to begin. Intuitive art focuses on the process rather than product. There is no right or wrong way to approach your art making.
Women 18+ welcome. No art experience necessary. 
Light snacks provided. 
Location: OPICA Adult Day Care Center, WLA

All supplies are here for you. A brief meditation will get you started and a short writing exercise is all you need to get your imagination flowing.
Women 18+

Process art is about the process not the product.

No art experience necessary.

At the door (if room) $50

Supplies provided.
No art experience necessary!

What people are saying:
I can't thank Victoria enough for the space and support to heal with other women through art, and fun." Michelle E 

Thank You for the great class Saturday.  I really did enjoy it and left feeling like I really did learn something about myself and letting go and to try to just be a bit more accepting and relaxed about who and where I am.  So thank you!!

Thank you so much for what you have brought to my life. It is the first time in almost 3 years I have found anything or anyone that brings me so much peace and happiness inside (except for the ocean, of course).

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Why Have a Creative Practice?
The practice of  creative work becomes a mirror to our internal world helping us gain wisdom, peace, healing and solutions to problems.  Whether it is perfectionism, anxiety, depression, physical pain or other obstacles to feeling whole and more relaxed and accepting of yourself, art allows you space to feel safe and free to explore your authentic self. Many times, answers and wisdom come to us while we are calm and in a relaxed is where the wisdom reside

  • Aids in Managing depression, anxiety, and stress
  • Improves motivation and focus
  • Provides time for you
  • Adds joy to your lif

Reservations required. Please go to the home page and click on the Paypal button to register.

Would you like to have a creative practice in your life? Does judgement get in the way of you making art?  Or for that matter, do you find you judge everything you do including yourself and where you are in your life? Would you a like a creative practice to help you move past judgement, promote healing and bring joy into your life? Something to turn to when you are overwhelmed, stressed and/or just for fun!  Maybe you don't know where to begin. Yes, there are coloring books, but what if you want to learn to create from scratch?
Mixed-media collage

Groups Archetype Cards
Making Mandalas

October Archetype Card





Learn the art of creating your own collage greeting cards.  A workshop for anyone seeking a relaxing and non-threatening way to create art...this is your workshop. Collage is simply a creative process of gluing objects to a board or heavy stock paper. In this 2-hour workshop, you will be provided an array of magazine images to choose from, glue sticks, ribbons, paper and inspiration. By following a theme or your own process, you will create beautiful greeting cards that can be used as a personal vision card, gifts for others or inspiration to hang on your wall. No art experience required. Come and connect with others in this safe and creative space. $20.  For more info and to register, please contact me at: 310-922-3957 or email me:
Refreshments served!

MANDALA: The word mandala comes from the Sanskrit language and simply means "Circle." Mandalas are an ancient art form which are filled with symbolism, imagery and wisdom. Create geometric or free-style mandalas to promote relaxation, centering and joy!

Painting to Music