Friday, April 10, 2009

What's this thing called creativity?

So, you don't think you're creative, do you? Did you ever think that how you put yourself together, or for that matter, don't put yourself together in the morning is a creative act? How about how you live your life? Doesn't that take an ounce of creativity? How you approach your relationships? How you prepare or don't prepare your food? I believe we all have some aspect of creativity that resides inside of us. You may not be a painter, or photographer, or gardener, but you might have a flare for putting together a great party, or making a mean chili! Take a moment each day to discover an aspect of yourself that sings out creativity. Be aware of this part of you that maybe goes unrecognized as you go about your day. Begin to nurture it and respect it. If you don't want to see it as creativity, find another way to acknowledge it. Maybe you prefer imagination. Find it and continue to develop it. Don't let it go by unnoticed. Feed it and it will expand and you will begin to see yourself with new eyes.