Saturday, September 1, 2012

What's YOUR Story?

We all walk around with a story about ourselves and our lives: No one loves me; I'm stupid; I'm ugly; I'll never be happy; I'll always be alone; I'll never have money. What's the story you walk around with inside of you? Do any of these stories sound familiar?  Have you ever thought of challenging that story? What about creating a new story? You can begin by creating a collage, a drawing, a clay image that represents a new story. This doesnt' mean you write a story that is out of reach such as I'm the wealthy person in the world...though it depends on how you define wealthy.  But, a story that is built on trust. A story that is filled with love and acceptance and a belief that I will be OK.

Exercise: Pick an art medium you would like to work with. Maybe you'd like to draw an image in your journal that reflects a story of trust. How about buying some Model Magic and creating a sculpture that represents you as powerful; that doesn't mean physically strong, but spirit strong. Accepting and loving of yourself. Another idea is to create a collage from cut-out magazine images that is a story that exhibits a story of hope, love and confidence. You can make your new art-story any size you wish.

This is about creating a new story you can embrace and internalize that will guide you through the days, weeks and years of your life.