Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mother's Day

As a childfree woman and having lost my mother 10 years ago, I often ponder the meaning mother's day actually has for me. I do remember my mother everyday of my life. She left this earth way to soon, and I don't need a hallmark holiday to remember and give thanks to her. Her pictures hang in my apartment, her ashes in my bedroom and her voice rings inside of me when I need her support. I never had children of my own, at least 2-legged children. I do have a dog, who for those of you who are pet-lovers understand what I mean. I did my thesis on childfree women and discovered that maternal drive can be directed toward many wonderful and fulfilling endeavors. For me, I put much of my maternal energy into the love and care of my dog, Angel, to my creative work, to my friendships and to my love of learning. These are the areas of my life I am passionate about, and keep me grounded, balanced and feeling alive. If you are a childfree woman, where do does your maternal energy manifest in your life? Whether you always dreamed of being a mother, as I did, never felt the urge or found the right partner, or time ran out, it is important to look at where this energy that might still reside inside of you is directed. Is it a wound that just wont go away, or have you let it go with love and found other ways to be a mother in your life? I'd love to know.