Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Today, ________________, I _____________________promise to speak to myself with kindness, trust, acceptance and unconditional love.  I realize the healthiest relationship I can have is with myself. I refuse to beat myself up or doubt myself.  I will move through the day and night with the knowledge that I am whole and complete and where I am supposed to be. I will stay in the moment.  I will not compare myself to others or "should" on myself. If something is not working in my life, I will take steps to make changes and ask for help. My internal dialogue will be supportive and loving. I will not criticize or put myself down under any condition. I will love myself as if I were my own child.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Feeling Stressed - Create a Mandala

Here is a recent mandala I created using colored pencils.  Creating a mandala when we feel anxious, overwhelmed or in the mood to free ourselves of tension and stress can be a revealing and healing experience.  If you need to center yourself, regain a sense of calm or just need a space to let it out, a mandala might be just what the doctor ordered.

All you really need are colored pencils, pastels, markers or any other medium you like.  Any size paper will do and something to trace a circle with. Again, the size of the circle is up to you. You can even use your journal! Sometimes staring at a blank piece of paper can be intimidating, so I suggestion, after you draw your circle, stare at the circle for a few minutes.  You might want to imagine you are walking around inside the circle before you begin drawing. Breathe and place the pencil anywhere in the circle you wish. You might want to ask the mandala if it has any information for you. Or, if you are struggling with a dilemma in your life, ask for guidance. There is no right or wrong way to create a freestyle mandala other then allowing your true self to speak. You can stay inside the circle and/or draw outside the circle.

Try not to judge, or aim for perfection. Tape into your beginners mind and playful spirit and have fun! Remember, it is about the process and not the product that is so important to this experience.