Today, ________________, I _____________________promise to speak to myself with kindness, trust, acceptance and unconditional love.  I realize the healthiest relationship I can have is with myself. I refuse to beat myself up or doubt myself.  I will move through the day and night with the knowledge that I am whole and complete and where I am supposed to be. I will stay in the moment.  I will not compare myself to others or "should" on myself. If something is not working in my life, I will take steps to make changes and ask for help. My internal dialogue will be supportive and loving. I will not criticize or put myself down under any condition. I will love myself as if I were my own child.

Don't Toss The Old Magazines!

So, you decide you're in the mood to de-clutter your place, and the first thing you notice is that old pile of magazines over in the corner. Then you wonder....what do I need these things for?  I'll tell you. Before you bundle them up and toss them in the dumpster, think again.  Go through them as you are sitting and watching TV and tear out the images that grab your attention. You can tear out images, sayings, letters, etc.  Put them in a folder, shoebox or drawer and use them to create a collage greeting card.  I know what you're thinking, when do I have time to create a collage? It is called making time to sit and be in the moment.  Making time for creativity in your life will lower your blood pressure, calm your anxiety and bring a smile to your face. You can do it alone or with friends or your children.