Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year....New Perspective!

We humans are so interesting! We choose every new year to write our resolutions; we start exercise programs, dieting plans, set out to find mates, and attempt to start anew. What is interesting, is we can choose to do that any day during the year; we can start anew any second if we just put our heart and minds into it. We could choose to alter our perspective on life, on our state of being and how we view anything that crosses our path. I like knowing that I have that power. I like knowing I can see the glass as half full, half empty, or for that matter, completely empty or completely full!

So, how do you see your life? Does your perspective need some tweaking? Is your perspective of your self based on what is going on externally in your life? Have you ever stopped to really get to know yourself and connect to your core? Do you even know your core? That pure essence of who you are? Art is a great way to explore these aspects of ourselves that we may be unfamiliar with. Collage is a beautiful way to start the exploration.

Start cutting out magazine images that reflect aspects of who you are...not necessarily what you like, but deep inside; the parts of you that might include your "shadow" side, which is the part of you that you don't like to reveal to others or that you might be ashamed of or judge. Let them all hang out together and get to know each other. Play with each of their perspectives of life and of you.

Glue the images down. Maybe there are conflicting aspects of you: the silly side, the serious side, the outgoing side and the shy side. Get to know them and explore how they have shaped your perspectives on not only life in general, but on YOU. See what changes might need to be made to make your world and how you view yourself less critical and more loving and accepting.  Notice the old tapes that need to be deleted. Such as, "I'm too fat;" "I can't be loved unless______." "If it's not's not ok." See what you come up with and get to know all of you and how you see the world and yourself! Have fun with the collage and discovering your might like what you find!