Monday, October 24, 2011

The holidays are coming, the holidays are coming...

Collage Greeting Card
 It begins in November and December, those months where we can be swept away by expectations, spending and mood shifts that can occur  as often as the temperatures outside change.  Mood shifts can come over us like a dark cloud from out of nowhere. Nothing drastic happened, just suddenly, there we are, overcome with sadness, holiday blues, anxiety or some other state that has cast its spell on us. My intention here is to let you know it is not unusual to feel this way during this time of year. The dark days of winter are upon us along with the craziness of the holidays.

OK, so what can you do to make it through to the other side of the new year?  Here are a few tips I've learned along the way about getting through the holidays with my spirit intact.
  • Plan ahead - have some creative projects in line to work on to focus your attention. Collage, draw, or paint MANDALAS.
  • Journal - give yourself the gift of a beautiful journal
  • We can learn a lot about ourselves in the dark days as well as light. Be curious about your moods and write about them. Let the page hold them.
  • Move your body - walk, take a yoga class, offer to walk dogs at a shelter.
  • Volunteer
  • Reach out to friends
  • Read 
  • If aloneness triggers feelings, don't push them away, be with the feelings and realize they are coming up to be healed not ignored.
  • Feelings pass
  • Reach out to friends
  • Make your holiday cards using collage or some other creative tool.
  • Attend a spiritual celebration
Collage Mandala

So, here you have a few tips and tools to help you manage the possible emotional effects the holidays can bring on. I think we forget that we can use this time creatively. To explore creative practices that during the rest of the year, we might not have time for. Think outside the box.
These do not have to be the dark emotional days, but rather, the awakening days of the spirit and creative energy that resides inside of us.