Saturday, June 20, 2009

Creating Mandalas for Healing...

A Weekly Expressive Art Group For Women Who Live With
A Chronic Health Condition

The word Mandala, comes from the Sanskrit language meaning “sacred circle.” The use of mandalas throughout time have been used by various cultures for meditation, self-reflection, healing and as a symbol for the self.
In this weekly group, we will create mandalas from various art mediums including oil and chalk pastels, markers, colored pencils and collage. The workshop is meant to provide a relaxing and reflective experience that supports and promotes healing.

No art experience necessary.

Group begins, Thursday, July 7th, 2009


$20 Per session


Facilitated by Victoria Van Zandt, MA
Registered Art & Marriage & Family Therapist
Intern #52087

No art experience required.

Please call for more information and/or to participate in the group.
Call 310-922-3957

Supervised by Gwen Lotery, MFT #37140