Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Being Fired...Can Be A Blessing in Disguise

A good friend of mine was let go today from a job she held for almost 13 years at MTV in NYC. Her last day is Friday. The stories are all around us, friends, family members, colleagues being giving the pink slip. I was let go, actually, I was fired, back in the 80's from an advertising job in NY myself. I've found whenever I've lost a job, it was a blessing in disguise. It got me thinking about how do we take care of our emotional selves when we've been shown the door. I've come up with a few tips that I feel can help ease the blow.
FIVE TIPS To Get Through the Blow of Being Let Go
1. It's a matter how much you hate your job. You will miss people, your identity will take a blow, you will feel the same emotions as with any loss: anger, fear, sadness, doubt. Remember, it's about the economy, not you. You are still a valuable, intelligent, creative, and wise individual.
2. Make sure you feel the feelings. Seek therapy, support, don't isolate from friends and family.
3. Keep a journal. You might not want to write about this experience, but it will help you get the feelings out instead of keeping them inside of you. Put your feelings down on paper. I tell clients, let the paper hold your feelings...not your body.
4. Find something to laugh about every day. Listen to music that makes you feel good. Watch a funny movie.
5. Don't limit the job search to what you've always done. Maybe there is a new career awaiting you. Give time to reflection and what it is you'd like to be doing with your life. Be creative in your job search. Think of all the skills you use on a daily basis and see if they are skills that can be applied to a new position. Let everyone you know, know that you are looking for a job. Set time aside for the job hunt, for fun, for quiet time and be hopeful. Keep your eyes open for job fairs. Stay positive and hopeful.
These are just a few ideas I have I hope that they are helpful to you. I will continue to write as I have new ideas for you.
Be Strong