Counseling For Women

In my practice as a psychotherapist, I help women identify their passions and develop their strengths.  It's possible you would like to work on feeling more motivated in life or having healthy boundaries with friends and/or family members. With some self-exploration, understanding how past trauma can affect one's life,  the healing process can begin! Whether we use traditional "talk" therapy and/or integrate creative expression, personal therapy can be an adventure rather than a drain.  Knowing oneself is an amazing gift to give to yourself. Find your true self and bloom.

There are any number of reasons to seek the help of a therapist in today's world; the list is many! Giving ourselves permission to ask for support and help is a sign of strength. What is most important is you do not have to live your life in emotional pain. You deserve to feel whole!  It is possible you are a victim of abuse, or struggle with feeling less than, have lost a partner or are totally unhappy in your work or relationship. Whatever the root of the pain or unhappiness is, together we can explore ways to make changes, relate with more compassion towards oneself  and discover the blocks that keep you stuck. The good news is there is help.  I will teach you some basic cognitive skills and healthy ways to relate to yourself and others along the way. You don't have to empty your pocketbook to be in therapy! 

My Therapy Practice Specialties
The Anxious Mind
Depressed Self
Career & Work Dilemmas
Creative Freeze
Chronic Health Issues
Being Single in a Coupled World
To be a Mother or Not to Be


Creativity 4 Women Workshops

Meets 2nd and 4th Saturday of the Month 1-4PM

Upcoming Events:

March 23rdDreams, Symbolism and Art 
Description: Our dreams reveal powerful  images that  connect us to our unconscious. They can guide us, provide insight and inspire us. Whether you remember your dreams or not, you are invited to create mixed-media art around some of the universal symbolism of dreams. If you are a dreamer, explore images  that stand out for you in your dream life with paint and paper collage. Feel free to bring your dream journal if you keep one.

April 13: Tax Day Art Relief - Messy Art
Description: Time to let go and destress now that tax day is behind us once again. Various art techniques and meditation.

April 27th NO WORKSHOP

May 11thMotherhood: Description: Whether you are a biological mother or seeking to explore your maternal side, join us as we create art based on the archetype of the "mother."

May 25: Exploring Relationships With Mandala Art
Description: Relationships come in many forms; explore the close ones, distant ones and/or challenging ones with art making.

No art experience necessary.

OR 2 for $60
At the door (if room) $50
Pay here

Supplies provided.
No art experience necessary!

What people are saying:
I can't thank Victoria enough for the space and support to heal with other women through art, and fun." Michelle E 

Thank You for the great class Saturday.  I really did enjoy it and left feeling like I really did learn something about myself and letting go and to try to just be a bit more accepting and relaxed about who and where I am.  So thank you!!

Thank you so much for what you have brought to my life. It is the first time in almost 3 years I have found anything or anyone that brings me so much peace and happiness inside (except for the ocean, of course).

See the events tab above for more info on workshops.


Why Have a Creative Practice?
The practice of  creative work becomes a mirror to our internal world helping us gain wisdom, peace, healing and solutions to problems.  Whether it is perfectionism, anxiety, depression, physical pain or other obstacles to feeling whole and more relaxed and accepting of yourself, art allows you space to feel safe and free to explore your authentic self. Many times, answers and wisdom come to us while we are calm and in a relaxed state...here is where the wisdom reside

  • Aids in Managing depression, anxiety, and stress
  • Improves motivation and focus
  • Provides time for you
  • Adds joy to your lif

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