Monday, February 27, 2017

Upcoming Creativity Workshops

Creativity 4 Women 2018

  Sunday,  June 24th (Special date change) 

Adventures in Accordion Art

July 14 & 28

August 11 & 25th

Come to 1 or come to all!


 No art experience needed. Join us for 3 hours of fun, creativity, laughter and connection. Supportive and safe space for women.
$40 Per Workshop
Must prepay at
Light snacks
easy parking
outside patio to work too!
Workshop Held at OPICA Adult Day Care Center, 11759 Missouri Ave. LA  90025

Women & Creativity
3- Hour Monthly Workshops 4 Women
Second and fourth Saturday of the Month 1-4pm
Tap into your creative side and play with techniques such as mixed-media, paper collage,
mandalas, simple book making, acrylic paint and more. No art experience necessary! This workshop is about learning to stay in the process rather than focussing on a product. Learn to relax into the here and now and let go of perfectionism, the critic's voice and just have fun! $40 includes supplies and snack. Free parking. Must prepay at

Thursday, January 10, 2013


 I am so glad you have taken the first steps to understanding how the process of art-making and creative expression can move you towards  feeling whole.  

Painting completed my life. 
- Frida Kahlo

When was the last time you picked up a pastel, or dipped a brush into some vibrant red paint? Have you thought about starting an art journal where you can collage, doodle or make a calming mandala?  Did you think you had to be a trained artist to engage in a creative practice? I'm here to tell you, you don't.  Art - making is not always about the product; it can also be about the process.  I am talking about the here and now experience of putting colors, images and symbols on the page. Being curious about colors, textures, and allowing your internal critic to step aside! My creativity workshops are an opportunity to connect with others as you explore creative techniques such as mixed-media, mandalas, paper collage and more.

To see upcoming Creative Workshops, please click on the Events Tab above.

As an artist and art and psychotherapist, AND a creative mentor, I see my role as helping to inspire women to explore their fun-loving and daring creative side, which we all have!  Engaging in a creative practice can add calm, joy and insight into your life.  What is so amazing about process art, is that it is not about right or wrong or whether you consider yourself artistic, it is about allowing yourself a safe place to play and explore what comes out on the page! It is not judging what you create, but allowing yourself to enjoy the freedom of the process.  I combine my varied background in the arts, psychology, spirituality, and women's studies to my work with women. 

The practice of  creative work becomes a mirror to our internal world helping us gain wisdom, peace, healing and solutions to problems.  Whether it is perfectionism, anxiety, depression, physical pain or other obstacles to feeling whole and more relaxed and accepting of yourself, art allows you space to feel safe and free to explore your authentic self. Many times, answers and wisdom come to us while we are calm and in a relaxed is where the wisdom resides!

A creative practice:

  • Aids in Managing depression, anxiety, and stress
  • Improves motivation and focus
  • Provides time for you
  • Adds joy to your life
Through the process of art-making you build a healthy, loving and trusting relationship with yourself.  I believe the saying goes, the most important marriage you will ever have is with yourself! Why is this important? Because, whether you are in a relationship or find yourself alone, which chances are you will at some point in your life, you have enjoy your own company. That's right. So, I help women like themselves whether alone or partnered. It is essential to your emotional well being. I will write more about that later.

Mask Making July 2016

Mask Making Gang

Lastly, if you are a woman lacking motivation, or living with a chronic illness or wanting to feel happier and more content in your life, I might just be the creative guide and/or therapist you are looking for.  I offer in person, group and workshop sessions. Many challenges can get in the way of getting to an office appointment therefore, traditional in office sessions are not always an option. There is nothing worse than being in emotional pain, wanting support and guidance, but not having the energy or time to make it across town. Having choices is what women need today.   

April 2016 Women and Creativity

Tissue Paper Art
Archetype Flash Cards
Painting Experience Weekend Workshop - "Kali"

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Colored pencils
Do you WORRY about things that haven't happened yet? Do you live in the past and the future and NOT the present?  If your answer is YES, most likely you live with ANXIETY and WORRY. When you don't live in the moment, you create many WHAT-IF's. What if's create a sense of unknown and a sense of having no control.  My belief is that anxiety and worry mask what you are actually FEELING.  For instance, what is behind your WORRY?  If you were to take the mask of worry off, what would be left? Sadness? Fear? Aloneness?  Is it possible you might be experiencing any of these feelings?  What would happen if you felt the feelings instead of the anxiety?
Tissue paper collage mandala

Monday, October 1, 2012


Anger is just one of the primal emotions that if not understood or expressed constructively, can sabotage a person's relationships, career, academic life and one's ability to live an emotionally healthy life.  From a young age, we are given messages either consciously or unconsciously from those around us about our feelings and how or how not to express them. Anger, if not taken care of, is one emotion that can have us responding aggressively towards others or, kept inside of us causing health and emotional problems down the road. So, learning how to express anger constructively is vital to your well being. One way we can express anger is through art. Though, I will give you some tips on how to get to know your anger and steps you can take to calm yourself in the face of the anger beast.

First of all. What do you know about your anger? Do you have a tendency to lash out at others? Does your anger make you sad? Does your anger scare you and those around you? What were you taught about anger growing up? Were you allowed to be angry in your home? I don't mean throw or hit things or people, but were you given permission to say I'm really angry and I need help, or, were you told it's not OK to be angry? What do you do with your anger now? How do you take care of yourself when you feel angry? Let me give you some ideas on ways you can take care of your anger when it surfaces.
 Get to know your anger, i.e, don't push it down.  What you might want to do the next time you feel angry is:
1. Don't React!
2. Breath - Focus on your breathing.
3. Think before you speak.
4. Listen to other's opinions.
5. Walk away if you feel yourself getting ready to strike out at someone or something.
6. Go some place safe and hit a pillow.

In terms of art, I recommend you identify the color of your anger. How big is your anger? Does it take up the entire piece of paper or just a small area? What shape is your anger? If your anger were an animal, what would it be?  What are the triggers of your anger? How do you know when you are angry?

On a piece of paper, create an image of your anger. In other words, create a picture that represents your anger using, colored pencils, crayons, paint, collage or any medium you wish. What art material you use is not important. Give your anger a name. When you are finished with your art, you might want to dialogue with it. On another piece of paper, I'd like you to create a picture that represents what you know about your anger. The triggers, what helps you when you're angry?  Who can you talk to when you are angry? These are all important things to know about your anger and ways to take care of yourself when you do get angry. Also, identify in your body where you feel your anger and sooth that area as you breath and take some time out.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Psychology of Color

Have you ever noticed how color can shift your mood? Color is all around us. But what is color?  "Color is light and energy." ( I've purposely created this post with many colors for you to see your reaction to the various colors. An example of how color can affect our mood is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which causes some individuals to experience depression in the winter months, when darkness arrives. Or, have you experienced a shift in mood when you look at a rainbow? It is really amazing how color can affect our state of being and it is important to know what colors calm us, excite us, bring us down, etc.  For the exercise below, you can mix colors or use the colors as they are. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

INTENTION for the Day

  I used to cringe when I heard the word "intention." I heard it used in ways that felt "cult-like." But I've come to find the word inspiring and helpful in moving through the day. So, what idea, purpose or intention would you would like to guide you through this Friday, September 14th? Is it calm? How about assertiveness? Do you need to be more authentic? Trusting of yourself?  What about having an intention of staying in the moment? 

Here is your art directive for the day:

Think of an intention you would like to guide you today.

Pick any medium you would like to use and create an image that represents that intention.

You can make it as large or small as you wish since you might want to carry it with you today.

After you create your image, look at it for a few minutes and really take the image in.

Ask the image to stay with  you.

Ask it if it has any messages for  you.

Reflect on the image throughout the day.

And, go peacefully through the day with your intention close at hand.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


To follow up on my last post about the stories we carry around inside of us about our lives and ourselves, I want to ask, how do you finish the line, "Once Upon a Time..."? I really believe the stories we tell ourselves about our lives and more importantly the meaning we make about our experiences, shape our perception of life.  For instance, what personal meaning do you make out of gaining a few pounds? Or, getting a "C" in a class? Or making a mistake? Do you use it as an opportunity to work harder or beat yourself up? For many, it is an invitation to pull out the should attacks; the doubting and berating up of one's self.  What if, it could just be what it is without placing judgement or negative meaning about yourself?  What if, you could respond with, Hmm, guess I have to study a little harder. Or, hmm, I think I'll watch my carbs, sugar and fat intake and move my body more this week.  Wouldn't that be awesome to not beat yourself up and allow it to determine your self-worth or essence?

EXERCISE:  What I'm getting at here is working on a new story about yourself, which can begin with the typical fairy tale opening, Once upon a time... I invite you to create a new message, story or tale about yourself. You can use images to create that tale or words.  This is about editing that internal dialogue that has a need to put you down every chance it has. Images are powerful because they remain in your memory longer. They by pass the thinking brain and go right the emotional brain.


Upcoming Creativity Workshops

Creativity 4 Women 2018   Sunday,  June 24th (Special date change)  Adventures in Accordion Art July 14 & 28 August 11 &am...