Power of Art

As an art therapist and psychotherapist, AND a creative mentor, I see my role as helping to inspire women to explore their fun-loving and daring creative side, which we all have!  And, how you can use art to express thoughts and feelings that might be difficult to express with words alone. Engaging in a creative practice can add calm, joy and insight into your life.  What is so amazing about process art, is that it is not about right or wrong or whether you consider yourself artistic, it is about allowing yourself a safe place to play and explore what comes out on the page! It is not judging what you create, but allowing yourself to enjoy the freedom of the process.  I combine my varied background in the arts, psychology, spirituality, and women's studies to my work with women. 

A creative practice:
  • Aids in Managing depression, anxiety, and stress
  • Increases insight into your life
  • Improves motivation and focus
  • Provides time for you
  • Adds joy to your life
Through the process of art-making you build a healthy, loving and trusting relationship with yourself.  I believe the saying goes, the most important marriage you will ever have is with yourself! Why is this important? Because, whether you are in a relationship or find yourself alone, which chances are you will at some point in your life, you have enjoy your own company. That's right. So, I help women like themselves whether alone or partnered. It is essential to your emotional well being. I will write more about that later.

Lastly, if you are a woman lacking motivation, or living with a chronic illness or wanting to feel happier and more content in your life, I might just be the therapist you are looking for.  Or, my workshop Women and Creativity might be worth checking out. I offer in person, group and workshop sessions. Many challenges can get in the way of getting to an office appointment therefore, traditional in office sessions are not always an option. There is nothing worse than being in emotional pain, wanting support and guidance, but not having the energy or time to make it across town. Having choices is what women need today.   

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