INTENTION for the Day

  I used to cringe when I heard the word "intention." I heard it used in ways that felt "cult-like." But I've come to find the word inspiring and helpful in moving through the day. So, what idea, purpose or intention would you would like to guide you through this Friday, September 14th? Is it calm? How about assertiveness? Do you need to be more authentic? Trusting of yourself?  What about having an intention of staying in the moment? 

Here is your art directive for the day:

Think of an intention you would like to guide you today.

Pick any medium you would like to use and create an image that represents that intention.

You can make it as large or small as you wish since you might want to carry it with you today.

After you create your image, look at it for a few minutes and really take the image in.

Ask the image to stay with  you.

Ask it if it has any messages for  you.

Reflect on the image throughout the day.

And, go peacefully through the day with your intention close at hand.


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