To follow up on my last post about the stories we carry around inside of us about our lives and ourselves, I want to ask, how do you finish the line, "Once Upon a Time..."? I really believe the stories we tell ourselves about our lives and more importantly the meaning we make about our experiences, shape our perception of life.  For instance, what personal meaning do you make out of gaining a few pounds? Or, getting a "C" in a class? Or making a mistake? Do you use it as an opportunity to work harder or beat yourself up? For many, it is an invitation to pull out the should attacks; the doubting and berating up of one's self.  What if, it could just be what it is without placing judgement or negative meaning about yourself?  What if, you could respond with, Hmm, guess I have to study a little harder. Or, hmm, I think I'll watch my carbs, sugar and fat intake and move my body more this week.  Wouldn't that be awesome to not beat yourself up and allow it to determine your self-worth or essence?

EXERCISE:  What I'm getting at here is working on a new story about yourself, which can begin with the typical fairy tale opening, Once upon a time... I invite you to create a new message, story or tale about yourself. You can use images to create that tale or words.  This is about editing that internal dialogue that has a need to put you down every chance it has. Images are powerful because they remain in your memory longer. They by pass the thinking brain and go right the emotional brain.