MARCH IS A TIME OF CHANGE - Spring Clean Your Life

     Here we are once again with another seasonal change: Winter will soon move into Spring as the Spring Equinox falls on March 20th...equal time of light and dark.  Though it hasn't felt much like Winter here in the west this year; we've had pretty much no rain and tomorrow the temperatures are supposed to creep up into the 70's, we do experience change believe it or not. For instance, today the winds are blowing fiercely and it's cool out and last Sunday it was in the 80's, so we do have change, just not extreme change. I'm going to blog about "change" today. How do you feel about "change?" Do you fear it? Are you able to go with the flow? What has been your experience with change? You might be thinking, well that depends on what the change is? True. But, for many, any kind of change brings on a feeling of anxiety.  Do you bring on change or do you wait for change to happen to you? We live amongst change constantly. Sometimes the change is abrupt and unwelcome and sometimes it is as simple as the clock ticking away. Sometimes change is the kick we need to make new things happen in our lives that we might not have made otherwise if it were left up to us.  You've heard the expression, "a gift in disguise." This is when something happens to us that appears negative at the time, but ends up being a positive experience down the road.

     As we move from winter, where we go from inward hibernation to the beautiful awakening of spring; what is it you wish to plant and nurture in your life? What is it that you would like to tend to?  New Year's, many people make resolutions that they hope will bring about change, but most often, the change does not last and they fall back into their old ways.  Spring is another opportunity to look at what in your "garden" needs pruning, watering, trimming and care. You've heard of "Spring Cleaning." Time to Spring clean your life!" Your gardening tools are you journal, creativity, meditation, solitude, reflection, etc. I will write more about this process in another post.

TIP 1: Take out your journal and write about what in your personal garden needs your attention? Then, if you choose, create a collage with cut-out magazine images that reflect this garden.  Glue your images down either in your journal or on a large piece of paper. NOTE: you might want to have your collage reflect going from Winter to Spring...going from dark to light. OR, have it reflect how you envision your garden with the plants representing the areas of your life that you are going to nurture and give attention to. Have fun and just play with the ideas I have written about in this post. Pay special attention to what in your life needs your attention and nurturing during this time of change. Examples might be, your health, your finances, your creativity, your relationships, etc. The ideas are as endless as the seeds you can plant!
Be with the process and have fun!